D O N ' T  K I L L  T H E I R  J O Y
People sometimes have a funny way of expressing their joy on special occasions. It could be a dance, or it could be honking your car horns together. In Jordan, one of the ways people choose to celebrate their loves ones weddings is by shooting live firearms into the sky. What they don't seem to realize is that whatever goes up, surely must come down eventually. And when it comes down, joy turns to sorrow.

Firing weapons into the sky causes dozens of injuries and fatalities every year. Stop this tradition in its tracks. Don't let our children inherit and tradition of sorrow.

Unselected concept for the Civil Defense Directorate
Agency : Y&R Amman
Creative Director: Emad Khayyat
Art Director: Zayd Abidi
Photographer: Abedulateef Awwad

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